Monday, 6 July 2009

Finally an update

Had a couple of very, very busy weeks, so mylast update has been quite a while. In addition I loaned my camera to a mate who seems to have lost it in the process of travlling Spain.

But I got my grubby, little hands on a camera today, so it's finally time for another update. With last month's addition I do have a legal army. In addition nearly everything that is left is fully converted and ready for painting. So I have plenty of stuff to do the coming few months.

First up a rather poor pic of the Corsairs (counts as Scout Snipers), I could only borrow the camera for 15 minutes so this is the best I could do on such short notice:

There are indeed 2 heavy weapons in there. This as I made a mini to represent a missile launcher and one for the heavy bolter. Gives me some options when playing and allowed for an extra conversion.

And here's a quick pick of the entire army as it stands right now, still quite a bit left to paint. And I also need to build myself a Predator:

Hope to get quite a bit of this done in the next 2 months! Time for a quite look back at the last couple of months:

The hell yeah's

Back to ye olde Relictors, with the somewhat wrong colourscheme. I owe Castus from Astronomican a big thanks for his new starter painting contest many months ago, that Relictor Terminator really drove me back to an army from my glory days of gaming. Naturally taking glory in its broadest sense!

The ah hell no's

Well as the pics above demonstrate rather effectively, I didn't manage to finish the force. Sure I had work and studies to contend with, but I can't help but feel I could and should have done just a little but better. Two elements were at the core of the slow progress (beyond real life stuff):

1. Army theme.
I really went overboard with the initial planning. Two different chapters and 4 xenos mers races, three of which completely new, was just way too over ambitious and uncoherent to work in a single 1800 points army. Eventually I managed to work out most of the oddballs out of the project, though I fell rather sorry letting the Xenalthians and Barghesi go. But I'm certain they'll eventually will resurface in a future project.

2. Planning, planning.
Setting more and realistic deadline, while working at a consistent pace would have really made the difference. Instead I ended up working my behind off in the last weekend of each month. Instead I've taken on a new approach now. I try to get a unit ready for painting and then do a little something on them each and every night. The mere annoyance of the same unit still staring at you after a week is a huge motivation to work at a consistent pace. Eventually I hope to get some kind of daily rhythm going.

The future

I'll be bringing these guys up to the originally planned 1800 points before moving on to any other big project. Still tons of work left, but that's why I'm already taking part in the new monthly painting and modelling challenge (Link). So by the end of the month I'll have the scouts done as well as the Thunderfire Cannon. Particulary looking forward to the latter, although it will be a very challenging mini to paint. And here's a quick pic of the second half of the scout team:

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  1. Really like the dark eldar corsairs especially the colour scheme keep up the good work.

    If you ever get bored come look at my blog
    its still in the early stages