Thursday, 11 June 2009

Planning for the future

We've all been there, halfway through one army another force grabs your attention or some old minis just happen to make it back into your painting area. I've been there time and time again and one more than one occassion it has prevented me from finishing my current projects. So I'm going to put up a year planning, all in the hopes that reading this every now and then will keep me focused on a few projects. So here are the plans for the rest of 2009:

- Bring the Relictors up to 1800 points (hopefully within the next 2 months).
- Expand my old mini Wordbearer squad into a small, stabd-alone army (see pics below).
- An Imperial Guard project, either be old beloved Catachans, or some Genestealer Cult.
- Paint the few dozen unpainted Nid conversions I have around.
- And if there's time left do some War of the Ring Isengard stands, have enough for a sizeable army around.

The above mentioned Wordbearers:

Aspiring Champion, which won me two modelling/painting competitions. And one of my favorite minis:

Dark Apostle, first version:

With display base:

Word Bearer and Iron Warrior Dreadnoughts:

Special Weapons:

The first testpiece, had a blast making the Icon:

Tzeentch, inspired by pre-Heresy Thousand Sons sorceror:

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