Monday, 9 April 2012

Vespids all done & ready to get shipped out!

It has taken an age and a half, but the Vespid unit for my friend Martin is finally done. I'm putting together their packaging right now, complete with foam and other protective material, so they'll be flying off to the UK on wednesday.

These bugs have been a huge chore, a hassle and a pleasure to work on, and I honestly feel somewhat relieved they're finally done. So much time, energy, frustration and procrastination has gone into this squad that it is just nice to get them over and done with. Besides, Martin has been waiting for ages for these to arrive and I do hope they'll be everything he waas hoping for.

In the end though, I've learned a ton during the work on these minis. Everything from finer blending, subtle posture conversions (which nearly cost me a finger) and colour use is in there. The end result is a squad of minis that, although somewhat busy, still look coherent, while also including all the small details Martin wanted to have in there (combination of my old colourscheme and the markings his own Tau units had). The bases, save for the crystals on there, have been kept clean to that Martin can flock them to fit in with the rest of his force.

On a personal not I'm particularly pleased with the overall feel of the Vespid carapace, as well as my first ever real attempt at OLS on the Strainleader's helmet. Nothing too fancy and something other people are much more skilled at, but the end result does look quite nice in my opinion:

Time for some more detailed shots of the minis, click on the pics for a closer look:

And, finally, here are a few, quick action shots of the Stingwings defending a ruined Imperial structure, power armour units beware!

-And that rounds up my series of blog posts on the Vespids!-

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