Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Google Art Project

Something pretty unrelated to wargaming, but I just have to share this one. Many of you may already know this, but the Google Art Project is finally online, running and mighty impressive:

Essentially we will be able to find masterworks, old and new, from a huge range of styles and musuems from all over the world in a digital setting. Naturally the used technology is already impressive, as is the zoom ability (just try out the Nachtwacht, now that is detailing), but what really does it for me is that this site makes a broad selection of world, cultural heritage available to pretty much everybody with access to internet.

One of the highlight for me it definitely the huge collection of work from the Van Gogh musuem, you pretty much get access to the entire museum - link. In additional I'm really happy to see collections from the places I will mostly likely never be able to visit such as central China & Qatar.

Have fun people, I certainly plan to go through the entire range of collections!

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