Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Nurgle CSM Sorceror - part III

One project down, on to the next (couple). I'll be dropping by the post office this wednesday, both for some goodies for other people and to pick up a waiting package with some long overdue bottles of paint.

In the mean time, there's that Nurgle CSM Sorceror to finish. I took on board the feedback the guys over at the Astronomican forum gave me and changed up his backpack. Though it isn't entirely gone, it has been turned into something resembling of a hive. For some reason all the Nurgle fly references got me thinking about Ninja Scroll's Mushizo:

Since the whole idea behind this guy was to take him away from the more traditional 'magick-wielder' vibe that is associated with the other Chaos factions, turning his psychic powers and increased durability into clearly visable aspects made sense. So, time to push the 'walking vessel of Nurgle'-approach too its max.

Taking a hint from the old 'Cloud of flies'-power, which is still included in the Daemon codex, the big guy is infested/breeding his own swarm of disease carriers. It is going to be a massive challenge to paint these up just right, not in the least due to their small size. Luckily there's only five of them.

The mini is all primed and ready for painting, which will start tomorrow evening. To round this update up here's two pics of the primed mini, love how just adding primer makes all the loose elements come together:

Time to get started on the painting, more on this guy later in the week!

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