Sunday, 15 April 2012

Miniature swap - Orks

Two more, new minis have made it unto my hobby desk this past weekend. So that makes three minis, including the Nurgle Sorceror, to finish, before I can return to the Astral Claws.

I've been involved with the Astro Single Mini Program (link) for a while now, the program is essentially a miniature swap where forum members build and paint up cool stuff for fellow forum member.

I've started working on two miniatures for Ork-enthousiast Orkgasm, who is a long time Snakebites fan. This naturally means I had to make something feral - for which the old Shaman mini was perfect. He's going to need some more work though; a new arm and a ton of snakes if he's going to become a stand-in for Old Zogwort:

You guys know that feeling that you have a great idea for a cool mini, but never actually get started on it as you have no use for the conversion/mini? Well, I've had a Ramshackle Dunger (link) for well over a year now, and finally I get to use this excellent chunk of resin for something cool. Say hello to 'da Totembearer', who with a bit of imagination will make for a great count as Nob with Waaagh Banner:

He took most of the weekend to assemble, though most of the time went into fitting, testing and refitting bits. If it's worth doing, it is worth overdoing (though it still has to look right). There's a little bit of everything in there, bits swaps, sculpting, massive pinning etc. The actual bits used are a combination of old, new and (non) GW, including the following details:

I plan to have Zogwort build by the end of the week, afterwhich the painting can begin!

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