Sunday, 22 April 2012

More tech problems, yet still a quick, little update.

More laptops problems to bug me, it seems I truly need to get me a new one next month. Shame as this one served me quite well over last two+ years. The downside is that at the moment I cannot access my camera's SD card for decent pics, so unfortunately I'll have to work with my phone camera and pc at work for a week or two. Far from ideal, but better than nothing I guess.

On a positive note I have managed to finish the Nurgle CSM Sorceror this week and I think he turned out quite nice. Better pics and some more detailed info on the sculpting coming as soon as possible:

With him out of the way I can get started on those two trade Orks, afterwhich it is finally Astral Claw time again. Both of these Orks are going to be a major challenge, not in the least due to the ton of different elements and materials on there. They're a bit 'too much' for my usual taste and I'm quite out of my comfortzone, but they're intended to go with Orkgasm's Snakebite force. And Orkgasm likes his Orks old school, busy and bright. For those interested his army gallery well worth a gander - link

The count as Zogwort still needs tons of work, but having to sculpt snakes and other poisonous critters on there is going to be a blast. No need to re-invent the wheel though, hence I've salvaged some snake heads from various miniatures (including an old WHFB Ork Shaman, some Puppetwar helmets and an unknown salamander staaf I found in the bits box). So there will be a minimum of four snakes and a bionic arm, need to sneak some 40 stuff in there afterall. May have to try my hand at making some poison frogs as well, fits the theme, would be fun to paint and I'll love to see if I'm even capable of making something so small.

Finally, it looks like Blogspot has implimented a major update for its toolset and user inferace. Takes a bit of getting used to, but I'm liking all the new features and layout changes. Seems like a real improvement, eventhough it is a tad slower than before.

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