Thursday, 11 June 2009

Librarian all done

Update time! For this month, which for our other 2 actived participants will be their final month, has me tackling a second HQ character and a Troops choice. And I can cross one more of the list - the librarian is all done. I'm rather unhappy with the pics below, so expect some better ones later this week. For some odd reason all the bone areas and brighter metallics look really flat, messed up lighting I suspect.

Based on the old Tigerius mini this fellow had most of his face shaved off in order to add a bone mask. The idea for this came from one of the Horus Heresy card, which had some Wordbearer character on it with such a mask. The staff top was cut of as well and replaced with the that of Kyrinov's staff:

And here's a quick pic of the entire army so far, of course using the term army in its broadest sense. And for your viewing pleasure we have both under- and overlighted pics

Next up I need to decide which group to take on next. It has to be a Troops choice, so I can pick between the scouts or second SM squad. Though I could leave both of them for later and finish the Eldar Corsairs first (count as snipr scouts). I still need to do basing on all 3 of the units, so all of them are pretty much at the same point. Save for the scouts, need to get more glue to finish the last 4. Completely undecided so far, so any suggestions from you guys would be much appreciated. Same goes for colourscheme ideas for the Corsairs:


  1. Loving your work and army so far looks great - definitely different feel from my Relictors but Relictors most definitely! As for Corsairs aint scheme - what about something red/yellow so completely contrast with grey/blue army so far? Same bases will still tie in overall. And as for what next, more SM - scouts are too fragile for this size force for now, wait 'til it is bigger.

  2. Tackling the Corsairs first, people seem to have to see them finished first. That and I rather like the challenge, aftet that it's on to the Thunderfire Cannon, Terminators and second SM squad!

  3. Looking great Heph. (This is Kish from astro)