Monday, 6 July 2009

Astro's three colour contest

Just finished my entry for Astronomican's latest contest.

I choose an old conversion using genestealer, cadian and flagellant bits to make a genestealer cultist. Though judging from his face I'd better rephrase that and change it to a hybrid. For my colours I choose:
- ultramarine blue
- sunburst yellow
- blood red
- chaos black, skull white and boltgun metal

That's right, I choose the hard road and started with nothing nbut primary colours. Which was a bit of a challenge and really took me back to my old painting days. Just mix and you get secondairy colour:
- blue + yellow = green
- blue + red = purple
- red + yellow = orange
After that you can either take it one step further by adding black and white to create different shades or simply start mixing secondary colours in a 1/3, 2/3 ratio to get more and more differentiation going. Using a wet pallette things get a whole lott easier, both with mixing and blending:

Luckily I managed to borrow another camera tonight, so I have some pics of the finished thing. No wip unfortunately, spent all afternoon working on this guy. The brown of the rob shows up a tad dull, shame the glazes aren't showing all that well. Really enjoyed working from nothing but the primary colours, sure I wasted some paint but the result is pretty decent. Even if I say so myself.

The skin in particular seemed like a huge challenge, but turned out to be pretty simple and enjoyable. A quick mix of blue, red and white created a soft pink basecoat. After this followed a series of purple and purple glazes, as well as a more peachy layer of highlights. This was created by adding a tiny bit of yellow to original skin colour.

Not even sure if I'm actually still in the running here, but I have no idea where I'd stand in comparisson with the rest of the entries. I was a bit more ambitious with colour mixing, but some of the other colourschemes are really striking. Ah well, time will tell!

Might even have to take on a new avatar for a while

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