Saturday, 17 November 2012

Taking the plunge!

Time for something a little different from my usual scifi, 40K antics, time for an entirely different game and rule system in fact. Been feeling I needed a change in game for quite a while now and with the arrival of a few new minis this last week I'm about ready t dive (pun intended) into the DeepWars game, set in the ShadowSea universe (which uses a variant on the Song of Blades ruleset).

Simply put I'm getting started on a few small war bands in a new skirmish game. I'd been a big fan of Antimatter Games for year, but never seemed to find the time to actually get into their games. So the Kickstarter project earlier this year was the perfect moment to give it a go.

DeepWars is a 28mm scale tabletop wargame set in an alternate history of Earth in the late 17th century, where fortune seekers and conquerors have discovered a lost land with an underground sea miles beneath the frozen surface of the southernmost continent. It's a game of explorating wrecks on the seafloor, adventures in ancient cities of cyclopean structures, battles among fields of geothermal chimneys, submarine boardings among others. Adventures within flooded tunnels inside wrecked ships or crumbing cities may be played with “tiles” to represent stretches of passage and chambers, while games in open environments are played with scenic terrain pieces on the tabletop.

Tons of very cool rule concepts and loads of customization in the rule set in general as well. Managed to find a little bit of time this last week to fiddle with the minis, slowly putting together all the cool goodies that arrived this last week. The detailing on the minis, and lack of flash/mold lines definitely makes things quite easy to clean up:

What I really like about all the minis is the sense of movement that is conveyed in the various poses. The cool thing, in my opinion anyway, is that the poses also help to capture the feel suitable for the respective factions. The Ancients, for example, are agile, bordering on elegant, while the Fortune Hunters, though certainly well-equipped, don't look all that comfortable walking around on the bottom of the ocean floor.

Really looking forward to working on the following minis as well, the Gark in particular just scream for attention:

It's not all DeepWars over here, also started work on two of my favorite ShadowSea minis:

More on these somewhere next week!

The goodies from the Kickstarter are slowly coming in, but I was particularly suprized to see the extra characters released so fast. So the basic war bands are getting reinforcements before I even managed to put all those lovely minis together.

For the Ancient Mariners we have the Vanguard Heavy Support Marine, which is quite a sizable mini, and the lovely Siren of the Deep:

The Fortune Hunters got support in the form of the of very pose-able Silent Soldier and the Sea Dog:

While for the Ancients the Elite Soldier and Xicana joined the party:

Especially with the addition of the new minis I've completely lost track which faction I'd consider my favorite, they're all interesting and fun at this point! After some quick searching in my bits boxes I even found some marine life to add to a base here or there. The fishes, I believe, are from Mordheim villagers, while the turtle came from Black Cat Bases. I did end up getting a double set of upper bodies for the Siren of the Deep. I'm certain I can find a use for it eventually:

And a nice groupshot to finish off the first post in quite a while now:

p.s. - for those interested in the minis, Antimatter Games is also offering them at a discount through their new ShadowSea kickstarter here  - link.

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