Tuesday, 4 September 2012

$3426 Black Crusade Charity

Looks like we've done quite well for the Charity drive, and there's also a winner for the grand army now (link). Looks like the Decimator and Rubric Marines will be on their way to the US in a couple of days, officially marking the end of this project. So time for some extra pics, while I can still take them

Forge World Decimator:

Thousand Sons squad, with Icon so they can also be fielded as regular Chaos Space Marines:

My favorite Rubric Marine, this guy just screams, silently of course, the Slow & Purposeful-rule:

And the Standard Bearer and Sorcerer doing some sinister summoning next to the extra Objective Marker I've added to the lot:

And, finally, the entire group temporarily in my display case till I get the necessary shipping details to get them send out to the lucky winner:

For those interested, there are also quite a few pics up on the Charity site of the other squads and characters, with hopefully more coming if they show up on the gaming tables!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Zaphod, absolute pleasure to work on these. And, as it turns out, the little bit of extra time pressure due to the project deadline, was a great motivator. May have to get involved in a few extra projects like this down the line!