Friday, 24 August 2012

Black Crusade Charity - all done!

It has been quite a journey, but I've managed to pull off finishing my contribution to the Black Crusade Charity (link) just in time:

 You're looking at a ten-men strong Thousand Sons squad, joined by a rather heavily modified Forge World Decimator. The latter was quite a challenge in the end. The model comes in quite a few loose parts, and particularly the legs needed a lot of extra strengthening and pinning to ensure the model would stand the test of time. The end result was worth all the hassle though, the sheer size is enough to intimidate any opponent out there. The Forge World pics really don't show off just how big this model truly is!

Here's two extra shots with a closer look at the Rubrics, the Sorcerer and the Standard Bearer. Now I know that Thousand Sons normally do not carry an Icon about, but the model was a blast to make, adds an extra dimension to the unit, and allows the unit to be fielded as more than just a Thousand Sons squad. Flexibility is key after all.

As you may have noticed there's a little something missing. Unfortunately it's not all good news, the poor cyclopean Chaos Rhino has had a run-in with a rather hungry cat (long, long story). Simply put a friend's cat got its paws on the Rhino while it was in the midst of basecoating, leaving pretty much nothing salvageable. All that was left in one piece were a few pieces of track and the smokey shrine that was attached to the top. If I didn't knew any better I'd even say the little fiend was laughing at me afterwards.........evil kitty!

 Unfortunately I wasn't able to get my hands on a replacement on such short notice, though luckily the grand army seems to be getting a fair share of armoured support from the various other contributors. So if the lucky winner decides to wield these guys in a more mobile role, there won't be a shortage of vehicles to choose from.

On the plus side I did manage to save the alter. And, after some rather extensive green stuffing, it makes for a rather fun, little objective marker that will be painted up tomorrow evening.
 In the end I think that, between Lamenter (link) who was kind enough to make a Tzeentch character, and myself, the forces of Tzeentch have their fair share of influence in this most charitable of Black Crusades. And I naturally want to thank Lamenter for putting together such a great character, as well as the many details he managed to squeeze into the colourscheme. It really made for a good challenge for me, and I think the scheme is quite a strong on.

Picture courtesy of Lamenter
 In one of my future posts I'll have a final look back at this mini project, showing some extra pictures as well as some more detailed info on which bits went into creating the Thousand Sons. Which just leaves one, final, and slightly clumsily copy/pasted message:

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