Monday, 30 July 2012

Black Crusade Charity - part V

As most of you have probably seen, the Black Crusade Charity has officially been extended for a couple of weeks. Cue an little something extra from me for the grand army - one, converted Forge World Decimator:

 Mind, the litte guy is still in the midst of being build, but I am rather happy with the menacing pose thus far. One thing I can say though, is that the Decimator is an amazing, yet difficult kit to put together. There are just so many separate, not entirely fitting, parts in the legs that I've had to pin and strengthen each and every joint on this mini. Though it did take most of the afternoon sorting this out, the extra support will ensure that the model will survive transport and the test of time.
 Design wise I deviated a tad from the basic Decimator design, not in the least as adding horns to the head to make it fit in with the rest of Tzeentch units means the heads needed to be moved forward. The shoulderpads are just too bulky to work with pretty much any other shape of helmet. On the plus side, it has worked out quite well for the feel of the model.
 Secondly I put together some unique arms, both as I really do not like the Forge World options and because adding an organic element would link the Decimator quite nicely with Lamenter's Tzeentch character for the army (link). Adding both a wicked looking arm and gatling type of weapon will also enable the army's winner to field the Decimator in a wide range of manners as both arms could easily count as most of the available weaponry (rules pdf).
 Tomorrow evening I hope to sort out the final details on the mini, which include:
- Bulking out the neck segment:
- Properly attach the right arm to the elbow joint:
- Add some extra barding to gatling gun/arm:
- Fill a few remaining gaps and holes.
Finally a quick detail shot of the Decimator's chest crest, which takes the place of the original neck joint. Some of you may recognize this shield, that's right it is oop Acheaon, Lord of the End Times', shield. Makes for a nice solution for that gaping hole and is a nice Black Legion reference while we're at it.

And that does it for the fifth Black Crusade Charity update already. Next time I'd better get busy on painting, that deadline is creeping closer and closer!

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