Sunday, 25 November 2012

Some DeepWars news

It's been a very busy week and weekend, so I haven't managed to find much hobby time. Though I have managed to put all my new DeepWars minis together, taking care of the occasional issue like gaps. Hopefully I can find the time to do some painting in the coming days, tough to choose where to starter though with all these cool miniatures.

And those interested the expansion Kickstarter for DeepWars (link) is doing quite well, with a range of new minis already unlocked. For the Dark Mariners we have the Vanguard Captain and the gruesome Deepspawn Reaver. Both of these minis have the amphibious rules, so they'll eventually be useful for Shadowsea as well.
 The Fortune Hunters also get a personality character and an extra grunt to help fill out the roster. The Mad Inventor can come in quite handy during breaching missions, though he is somewhat unstable. The Templar Shadow Slayer, on the other hand, is the weapon of choice when facing heavy magics.

There are a whole lot of other minis, rewards and extras that can still be unlocked. So if you're interested in the game or minis, have a look and help Antimatter Games in their continued development of a great game! Click HERE for the full list of remaining unlockable characters, think I may be in love with the Chrysalid  ;-)

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