Sunday, 23 January 2011

The week in review - 17-23 januari

Time for another look at all my hobby madness of this last week.

1. Gideon Lorr and the lads

Well the good Inquisitor and his bunch of random henchmen have been on my desk for years now. I've kept getting insane ideas for them and now, with a new codex in sight which will probably make them illegal, I've suddenly found the motivation and inspiration to get them sorted out once and for all (and with a consistent them and colourscheme). So as a tiny start I've decided on a new basing method and got Lorr and his retinue based, or in the case of the already painted minis re-based:

This force is entended to be small, very small. In fact it will only be 500 points worth of Inquisition, with 28 models (of which 1 is a vehicle). Once my latest order from Pig Iron arrives I'll have everything I need to finish the entire thing. So along with various other, smaller projects, these guys will be popping up a lot on the blog the coming month or two!

Now as for this retinue, here's how it breaks down (heavily inspired by the original Lorr rules):
- Inquisitor Lord with bolt pistol, power weapon and rosarius
- 2 shotgun-wielding warriors (the original Lorr was always accompanied by three of them)
- 1 combat-servitor (simple beauce I loved the model I used for it)
- 1 chirurgeon (for some survivability and because the model for the Sister Hospitaller is fantastic)
- 1 sage
= Total of 148 points
And a few quick shots of the minis themselves:

2. I too can do that voodoo that you do

Next up I'm putting together another mini for the Astronomican exchange program in which members convert, build and paint a mini for eachother. Most of the time this just comes down to two people sitting down and painting up a cool mini for eachother. This time is slightly different as my opposite number has had a decennia long relationship with the Snakebite Orcs, having build and painted tons of minis for them (many of them from the original range). So when I came across an old Snakebite mini I knew I had to pick this one, so here's the first look at Doctah Bonez:

3. Lesser known miniature ranges and manufacturers

Next up is an update for an old post of mine, anybody remember the list of lesser known miniatures and manufacturers? Well those of you who liked it may want to here over and have another look as a few old links have been fixed and tons of new ones have been added.

Go check it out HERE (there's also a perminant link in the right sidebar).

4. USA, USA, USA...............

And finally, I'm afraid there won't be a review coming weekend as I'll be taking this freakshow on tour in the US. Seriously though I'm attending a conference in the second half of the week, so no hobby time for 5,5 will I ever cope?

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