Monday, 17 January 2011

The week in review - 10-16 januari

Well it has been one hell of a week, hardly any time to get anything done and pretty much everything I did get or do went to hell in a matter of seconds.

1. So my order of GW books finally arrived after 2,5 weeks and in all my excitement I missed another GW screw-up. A single Horus Heresy novel was missing from the package....and guess which one. That's right the first one, Horus Rising. So much for getting stuck in on those this week. Luckily there are two Ciaphas Cain books in there as well, so I should have plenty of stuff to keep me occupied during the tedious hours spend in public transport.

2. I've been spending some more time on my mini Inquisition list (Witch Hunters) and have, once again, rewritten the list and the idea behind the force. Though even I though I was happy with it some unexpected minis turned up I just have to include in the force, so more rewriting was in order. Think I'm there now, in fact when my last ordered blister arrives I should have all the needed minis. Then i just comes down to converting and painting them all up. Here's a quick sneak peek at a 'count as' Death Cult Assassin, think I'll be calling her the Iron Maiden

3. One thing that did you alright is the Ultramarine I put together for fellow-Astronomican forum member Domdan. This guy is going in the mail tuesday to, hopefully, make a fellow hobbyist happy.

Well let's hope things go a bit smoother next week and I may end up showing off another mini or two by its end!

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