Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Forging ahead on the WItch Hunter / Arbites force

Righto, got a few pics before I hit the hay, showing that Lorr's boys are still getting some working time (sparse as it may be). Here's the first squad of Arbites (Stormtroopers in the Witch Hunter codex can exchange their gear with shotguns to represent Arbites....I know not a solid tactical choice, but this entire force is just for the hell of it), their general theme is 'crowd control'. Their poses are mostly relaxed, they've been in place for a while waiting for things to get nasty and the shotguns and grenade launcher are definitely geared towards a crowd:

Second squad is a bit more dynamic, representing a team rushed in at the last minute to lend firesupport, complete with running poses, K9 support and a rather kick ass plasmagunner:

This squad will actually end up having hellguns, as per the normal Inquisitorial Stormtrooper. It took about a dozen attempts, great and small, to get to the final design for the hellgun itself. Turned out to be rather simple in the end real, just a powercel from a spare plasmagun and a popcicle stick strategically cut up:

Now I hope to get both squads fully build by the end of the week, making a start on the third and final squad this weekend. They'll be going with the 'survivors'-theme. And in between I'll also get started on painting Docta Bonez for my mini exchange with Snakebite-fanatic Orkgasm:

Happy wargaming and converting everybody!


  1. Looking Good Heph, why no Relictor goodies... lol ;)

  2. Thanks, labour of very sluggish love. I know, the Relictors need some TLC as well and I have a big thing planned for a large contest. But work and forum duties forced me to put it on halt.

    Still eventually there will be a full new Relictor command squad, bits and pieces have been gathered. Now I just need the time to do something with them. Should be interesting though, as in using a rogue psyker as a count as meltatrooper etc ;-)