Friday, 20 August 2010

Warrior Prime wip

Right picture time, finished the build on the first Warrior Prime (yes, going for a rather unusual, but fun army build). Slitherfiend is looking quite decent so far, pretty sure he'll end up quite good once he's slithering his way through the snow:

And a couple of quick detailshots of the bonesword (Maxmini bit) and lash whip (venomthrope tentacle with some minor green stuff additions):

The extra bonesword hand shot is in there as I took the other picture a bit too fast and completely missed I'd forgotten to finish off some of the extra tendrils. Really looking forward to painting up this critter, which will hopefully happen this weekend. No promises though, course and lab prep work may have to take precedent again.


  1. Good nids sceme. I'm tempted to start a Nid's army however recently got my Relictor mojo back and am painting some of my backlog, Ven Dred, Assault Sqd, counts as Tigurius - what's next for your boys in Grey?

  2. Unfortunately been way too busy to do anything hobby related, still getting back to it now. Still need to finish that thunderfire cannon and I definitely need to build myself a new captain.