Thursday, 9 September 2010

Still alive and kicking

....kind of anyway. Real life can be nasty at times and it has been taking quite a few strong swings at me these last couple of months (some personal, relational and study-related issues). And I've been forced to really buckle down and focus on them first. Nearly up to speed again, rough working month ahead as well, but hobby time is coming within reach again!

So here we go again, slow, slow progres coming up. Starting with a quick shot of a strangleweb. And yes I am fully aware it makes for a rather pointess, but I love flamer weapons and wanted to add something different to an otherwise slightly boring termagant unit:
Next up we have some wip shots of my humble attempt at an Ymgarl Genestealer brood. Again another rather expensive unit that could get blasted before they even wake up, but I love the little blighters. Especially after finding some rather cool bits from Chapterhouse Studios (LINK) in the form of those awesome 'alien' genestealer heads. Sure, they may be a bit big but some strategic shaving and cutting makes for some rather creeply looking Stealers. I'm going for a slightly different look for these guys, really want them to look quite unique and even more creepy/skulking than your average Genestealer:

Naturally those big, chunky pewter heads and leaning poses do make these Stealers a tad top-heavy. So just in case, and really needed for some of them, I've added some weight to the bases in the form of some 10-Eurocent coins. I just keep throwing more and more money at this hobby it would seem!

And finally a quick pic of one of the things that has also been keeping me rather occupied in my free time, damn you disposable income!

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