Saturday, 14 August 2010

Icy Tyranids ahoy!

Real life definitely put a nifty dent in the lofty ideal of finishing a termagant unit in a week's worth of time, however I'm still slowly labouring ahead. Just have to get around all my work and emotional stuff (rough two weeks so to speak), though the massive post-springcleaning I undertook recently did wonders for clearing up my hobby area. So time for a quick picture of the wip chair, which has two main reasons: easy to move around and I rather like to follow newsprograms and such from the comfort of my couch and the chair has the perfect height to do some work from said couch:

The above pic shows the rather humble beginnings of a new and rather small Nid force I hope to put together over the next 2-3 months (which would be a speedy record for me). I'm slowly getting back to grips with actually working at a steady pace on stuff, trying to free up time and specific moments of the week seems to be doing to trick quite nicely at the moment. In future posts I will go more depth into the 'just for fun' armylist I'll be following as well as some of the planned conversions, objective markers and random stuff. Though special thanks definitely go to Acoustico over at the Astronomican Forum, for whom I did a testmini a while back. The colourscheme wasn't exactly what he had in mind, but after a while it has really grown on me.

Right now I have exactly one unit of termagants build and PIP, though in the background you can see a little critter a friend has already nicknamed Slitherfiend:

He is indeed a wip Warrior Prime armed with spinefists and the ever feared lash whip & bonesword combo. Hopefully I'll also be able to use him for the 10th Rumble or Stumble, time will tell. For those wondering, yes that sword is indeed another Maxmini bit. What can I say, I'm apparantly addicted to their stuff:

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