Sunday, 4 April 2010

Picking up the pace again

Well as promised I'm back at building and painting stuff. Starting with a squad for me Relictors that up and until a week ago was nothing more than a pile of semi-sorted bit. I'm taking a bit of an unusual approach here, as these lads will serve as a jump pack-free Assault Squad. Thanks to Captain Kellen over at Astronomican, we also have a name - The Silent Thorn.

The basic build on the squad is done, though there is still tons of holes to fill and small things to straighten out.

And here are some close-ups of the guys. And before people get carried away and think I am a Green Stuff wizard (I do a mean skull and tyranid carapace though), several of the skulls and the roses were made using a Green Stuff mold.

I'm also nearly done with their dedicated transport and am prepping a test mini (fallen Relictor hero). Both these and the actual squad will be seeing paint in about a week.

Right after I get done with what the guys over at Astronomican voted on, so the next update will focus on my Parasite of Mortrex!


  1. Liking the squad. The green stuff mold looks good, can't wait to see them painted

  2. The roses and skulls look great! Can't wait to see them painted.

  3. Good to see some Relictor loving again... must get on with my assault marines too

  4. Thanks for the replies guys, can't wait to get started on them myself. Just 1 other mini left I need to finish first. I'll also try and get a few better shots of the roses for the next update.

    @ Siph - you said it, it has been way too long without any progres on these guys. I'm going to try and finish (well reach my original planned number of points anyway) this army over the summer. If I can do the same with some other mini-projects I can look into new ventures with a clear conscience ;-)

  5. Those are still nice looking. Just to reiterate what I've already said elsewhere.

  6. Utterly fantastic my friend, as is the thunderfire.

    Would I find more details, ie parts list on Astro?

    Sorry it's been a while, I have finally got round to repairing the post damage to that speeder you did for me though.

    Looking forward to seeing it painted.


  7. Wow, these are looking extremely promising. Do you know when you'll have pictures posted of the finished articles ?

    I'll be back :)

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  8. Bit slow on the response here, but better late than never right ;-)

    I'll see if I can get a parts list sorted in a future post and I hope to get back to this mini once I finish my tiny Slaaneshi warband. So it is about 6-7 minis out.