Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Parasite of Mortrex and the Relictors

Good day everybody, Heph here with some more, slow progres on my projects. First off, I've finally finished my Parasite of Mortrex:

In addition my old Relictor captain has been demoted to sergeant and will be replaced with a new and improved captain (more on him in a future update):


  1. Ooh nice use of a Leman Russ skull headed eagle. Consider that stolen... shame to see him demoted however, looking forward to his replacement.

  2. Figured that little symbol was indeed perfect to make 'officers' stand out more.

    Kind of sad to demote him myself, but I needed the scythe for the assault squad and he was starting to look at tad dated.

    Now I just need to decide what I can use to build his replacement. Pretty much clueless at the moment and out of a lot of bits as well. At the same time it does make for a very nice challenge!