Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Thunderfire Cannon

After two weeks of nothing but work and university deadlines I'm finally getting around to painting up my scratch-build Relictor Thunderfire Cannon. A mini, well actually more a diorama then a normal mini, that I've been looking forward to for ages now.

Pretty much everything save for the kitchen sink has gone into this build. It is roughly about the size of the normal cannon, perhaps being a tiny bit smaller. But the added crew (coming soon) and the larger base should make up for it.

The painting itself will progres slowly over the course of (hopefully) roughly a week and will be done in four stages:
1. painting the actual cannon
2. painting the tactical servitor
3. painting the maintenance servitor
4. assembling the lott

The techmarine will follow shortly thereafter, but I am not entirely certain what I'll do with him. Very torn between the codex colourscheme and markings and the more free, even rogue-ish Relictor style. I am leaning towards the latter, primarily because my Librarian (based off the old Tigerius model) doesn't follow the regular colourscheme either. I will probably first paint another squad and a Rhino before making up my mind, though any and all suggestions are always welcome!

1 comment:

  1. Looking good so far. I painted mine codex colours with Relictor arms purely because i wanted to paint something dark red rather than all my grey but I think yours should be a little out there like the rest of the force, subjegators, librarian etc.