Sunday, 4 April 2010

News from around the blogs - Blood Bowl Legendary Edition

Alrighty, it was published on April's foolsday, but I have good hope this is real. Particularly as it was already hinted at in several newsletters and forum posts. Some of you may remember the Blood Bowl pc/xbox game that was released a while back. Now Cyanide studio had promised to keep supporting and updating the game and did just that with the Dark Elves download.

But now comes the Legendary Edition which should hit stores by the end of the year and it should contain the following:
- full 20 races from the Living Rulebook
- game update to the newest version of the Living Rulebook
- new stadiums to play your games in
- and a new story-driven campaign
- by the look of the new pics graphics have improved a bit as well

The artwork certainly looks mighty promising:

Vampire/undead Team:

For the full info check out this link.

And from tomorrow there will be some real hobby activity again, including the Parasite of Mortrex and some Relictors goodness!

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