Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Witch Hunter log 1

Well it is time to proporly kick this mini-project off, starting with a testmini, some updated old guys and the armylist. First up is the first finished stormtrooper from squad 1:

I'm rather pleased with how he turned out, I may even dare to say that he has a bit of an adeptus arbites feel to him. Sure the armour may be a tad on the heavy side and the helmet doesn't fit, but still. This guy is going straight into Inquisitor Lorr's retinue as one of three shotgun-wielding veterans (as per Lorr's original ruleset).

Which brings us to the armylist of this mini-project:

- Inquisitor Lord Gideon Lorr (plasma pistol, power weapon, frags, excrutiators & rosarius)
= 101 points

- 3 shotgun-wielding veterans (1 Afriel, 1 local Arbitesque trooper & 1 Hypaspist)
- 1 combat servitor (great non-GW mini)
- 1 sage (no idea yet)
- 1 chirurgeon (coming in one of the next updates)
= 77 points

- 9 Stormtroopers (Afriel Strain troopers - info link)
- 2 plasmaguns
= 110 points

- 8 Stormtroopers (Arbites-like guys, all with shotguns)
= 80 points

- 9 Stormtroopers (Skitarii Hypaspists - info link)
- meltagun
= 100 points

Inquisitor count as mini (Afriel Team Leader, Arbitesque Judge or Electro-priest of the priesthood of Mars)
- power weapon, bolt pistol & frags
= 32 points (3 different minis will be made)

TOTAL = 500 points

So up and until now we have eleven finished minis (out of 39), including one squad and the first of the Inq-count as minis (click on the pics for the larger versions):

All of them have gotten quite a facelift including more armour weathering, updated bases, extra lasgun highlights etc. And the boss, currently only known as Lt., has been given some new gear to make him fit his new role as count-as Inquisitor:

And that does it for this update, more stuff coming by the end of the week. By then I should have all the initial prep work on the semi-arbites guys done, made a start on the Judge and have the a nice design going for the Chirurgeon.

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