Saturday, 30 January 2010

'The special Blogspot project'

Evening everybody,

as some of you may remember I mentioned a special Blogspot only project and I finally have the time to reveal what I have planned. I'm building a mini-500 points Witch Hunter force centrered around GW's limited edition Inquisitor Gideon Lorr miniature. I have no intention to ever play with these guys, it is mostly just intended to give me a chance to combine some cool conversions and techniques I've been wanting to try out for a while now.

So who is Gideon Lorr?

Lorr is a With Hunter Inquisitor that has been active in the areas surrounding the space lines between Chiros and Macharia. However, he is hardly what one would call a sterotypical Inquisitor. On the one hand he can be considered a puritan, abhoring the Witch to the extreme., but he is certain not a fanatical preacher or zealot. Additionally he has made it a habit to operate alone, using his Inquisitorial mandate to recruite men and materials where needed, rather than relying on the sluggish organization of the Ordos.

Lorr's deep-rooted hatred and persecution of all psychers originates from illfated journey to the Jabin system. The merchantship he was travelling on became stuck in the empyrean and its navigator's soul, mind and body were eventually ravaged by a thousand daemons. Rushing to the bridge Lorr managed to put a plasma bolt through the lost navigator's head second before he would have fully collapsed.

Ever since this incident Gideon Lorr has showed an umcomprimising intolerance for all who display psychic powers, even those that are deemed sanctioned by the Inquisition. To date he has executed over a hundred Astropaths, several of them rumored to have been members of the, normally untouchable Navis Noblitae. Though he has not fully damned all those who have psychic powers, he is certainly not far removed from turning radical (UK WD 304).

What will be in the army?

- An Inquisitor Lord with equipment and retinue to represent Lorr's original rules in WD 304.
- Naturally this means three shotgun-wielding veterans for his retinue, as well as some other cool minis.
- A counts-as-Inquisitor (Elites version) mini to represent a leader from one of the units he has commandered, more on this in a future post.
- Three groups of count-as-Stormtroopers, including my, soon to be updated Afriel Strain troopers:

When will we get some more pics?

Very soon, finishing up a test mini today and I hope to update my Afriels coming week. Everything else in the force is new and half-build, so tons of pics and painted minis coming very soon!

Fine then, perhaps a few, tiny sneak peeks are in order. More on all of these very soon!


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the results from this one, the Gideon Lorr model is one of my favourites.

  2. Consider this followed! Keep 'em coming mate.

  3. Thanks guys, just finished work on some minis yesterday. So another update should be going up tonight or tomorrow.

    There are even some plays for a mini 500-points adversary force, time will tell if those guys ever see the light though ;-)