Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Painting a mini for a challenge

Well I've temporary turned away from my other major projects due to time contraints. The new period of my research master is hitting me quite hard, got to love to pressure and tons of deadlines.

I do have a lil' something new to show though, a mini for a painting challenge over at Astronomican forums. Following Captain Kellen's example, Ive started of the second round of the "Rumble or Stumble"-initiative. Which pretty much comes down to about 10-ish forum members competing in a 2-3 week taking painting challenge. For this we all select a 40K HQ or leader-associated mini, paint it to our best ability and show some of the methods we use to get out final results. Simple, fun and quite informative at the same time, what more can we ask for. For those wanting to have a peek, check out this link! And yes, the wackiness including my daemonic mask, are all just part of the fun.

I've finally settle on my mini, a veteran serving in an Inquisitor's retinue:

For those wondering what in the name of the Emperor he is made of, well the body is one of the new System Troopers from Pig Iron (check them out, they have excellent sets of heads and great service!0 and the helmet is a spare Elysian rebreather I happened to come across on Ebay months ago.

Though certainly not a traditional design I do kind of feel he has an Adeptus Arbites feel about him. Not really in the riot police sense, but there is a certain police-like vibe to him. Not the best picture in the world, but this is where he stands as of now:

A quick overview of how each segment was done, even if not really visible in the pic.
- chaos black undercoat followed by a basecoat of fortress grey
- a very thin wash of brown ink was then applied, just thin enough to bring our the folds, nothing more
- 5-6 subsequent highlight/blend layers followed of fortres grey / skull white, each layer containing a tad more skull white

- started from a chaos black undercoat, followed by a scorched brown basecoat
- 3-4 highlight layers of scorched brown / graveyard earth were added
- this can look rather abrupt, though after applying a later wash of ink things will come together quite nicely
- before this wash I did apply some extreme highlight (most on the sharp edged) of bleached bone though

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