Thursday, 14 January 2010

Relictor Captain on throne

I have just enough time for a quick, little update on the Relictor captain on throne, feel free to ignore the angle of the head (silly blu tac isn't all that sturdy):

The throne itself will be raised by about the height for a normal base (which is what's used as a prop in the pic), the base will require a ton of work, the throne and techno stuff behind will be coming together soon as well and yes, I'm putting a whopping 3-4 characters on that base!

Not quite sure yet if I'll keep all three of them on there though, but I do rather like the feel of him being surrounded by servants, familiar and advisors. Which is where that old Genestealer Cult magus on the left comes in perfectly, though he will require some converting to make him more Imperial and SM-y. I've also been looking for an opportunity to actually do something with that Inquisitor scribe mini and I may have found the perfect diorama for him as well.

The round base behind them is just there to help with camera focus, the old gal has had its best time I'm afraid. Additionally the left advisor will be angled more towards the left, freeing up about the back quarter of the large round base for throne techno stuff and extensions.

More updates coming later this week, including the wip pics of my Trygon!


  1. Looking cool dude

    I'm now following you, simply because i want to see how this turns out

  2. Looking very cool i'll be keeping an eye on this also.

  3. I really like this idea, wouldnt of thought of it