Sunday, 10 January 2010

News from around the blogs - Blood Angels inbound

Well there's a positive side to my insonmnia, besides 1-2 projects actually moving ahead of course. Straight from GW's latest newsletter we have the official confirmation that the Sons of Sanguinius are nearly upon us again.

"This April the Blood Angels will be re-launched with an all-new Codex and range of plastic and metal miniatures. One of the oldest and noblest of all Space Marine Chapters, the Blood Angels have stood fast against the enemies of the Imperium since the Great Crusade and it was their Primarch Sanguinius, who laid down his life to aid the Emperor against Horus in the final hours of the Warmaster’s rebellion. The new Codex explores the background and history of these superhuman warriors like never before, and contains new artwork depicting some of their greatest battles and most powerful champions.

The Blood Angels have always been a powerful close combat army and have been made even deadlier thanks to a range of specialist wargear, the ability to field Assault Squads as Troops choices, and more Dreadnoughts than any other Space Marine Chapter, including a Death Company Dreadnought and the fabled Furioso Dreadnought. The Sons of Sanguinius will be deep striking onto a tabletop near you this April – now’s the time to practice painting red."

Personally I'd rather they would first deal with the Necron codex which needs a big update, finally release those rumored nearly done Dark Eldar, write a good Chaos codex or finally start writing that bundled Inquisition book. On the other hand this codex is bound to be great and there will naturally be another chapter upgrade kit with a ton of bits I can cannibalize!

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