Saturday, 22 August 2009

Subjugator Assault Marine testpiece

Well I figured it was about time I finished that undercoated assault marine that has been on my desk for 1,5 months now.

I was utterly unhappy with the first attempt on this guy, the Subjugator's all green armour really doesn't fit in too well with my Relictors. Especially since the only green thing with them are helmet lenses, to make matter worse the Relictor armour has tons of contrast with different metals and black areas.

So I left this guy alone for a couple of days and got back on him yesterday, with this result:

By adding some fragments of Relictor-borrowed tech he suddenly does fit in and is a whole lot more interesting to look at. The pic is a bit fuzzy and overlighted, but you get the idea. Rather happy I stayed away from any bright colours like orange or red for the helmet crests, the 'cool' colour feel works well enjoy without unneccesary distractions. I'm thinking I have a winner here, so keep an eye out for more Assault Marines in a week or two!

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