Monday, 3 August 2009

Relictor Scouts

So much for frequent updates, really need to have a lengthy chat with my internet provider!

Moving on, time for some Relictors Scouts. Finished these last friday, but I've been wihout a camera for a couple of weeks now. So special thanks to Stefanie for allowing me to borrow hers!

So scouts, one of the kits Black Templars players had been waiting on for a long time. Big fan of the weapons and bodies myself, not so much of the heads though. Scouts may be 'unfinished' marines, but that shouldn't be a reason to given them big, bloated heads. So some quick cutting and bitsbin searching later and we have normal-sized head bearing scouts. Naturally I tried to get as many rebreathers in there as possible, they really scream Relictor for me. Click on the pics for bigger versions:

And some individual shots:


  1. I like the one guy with the spiked hair, he should of had the heavy bolter... he looks like a problem recruit.

  2. Cool, I too don't like the original heads lol :)

  3. :D, I've been getting a lot of comments about that guy. Everything from cool you used SW bits, is he the only one in the chapter with hair gell to huzzahs for static energy!