Friday, 7 August 2009

Building some terrain.

Put together a modified template for my Astronomican building project. Not quite sure if I'll be sticking with duc tape reinforced cardboard, but I needed to start somewhere:

You'll be seeing several updates over the next weeks, so I hope that by then I'll actually have something worthy of the term building or terrain feature. Initial ideas are still rather sketchy, but version one will be an attempt at something I've conjured forth from my warped mind and have dubbed 'the vault'. And if this works out I'll also have a cool, big building that fits the theme of my latest army project - the Relictors.

The general idea is a hidden base where the boys kept their unholy artifacts after the Inquisition took their previous batch. We're looking at 2 towers based on bastion kits with a home-made vault entrance in front of them. Think semi-daemon gate, with all kind of weird locks and stuff and you'll get the jest. The rest of the building is still very sketchy, but there should be room for a comms extension, as well as a (removable?) rockit silo and maybe even a raised defence or landing platform.

On an utterly unrelated matter I also have a pic of a little something special I got my hands on yesterday. SkekSil, better known as Chamberlain from the classic 1982 The Dark Crystal movie:

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