Wednesday, 22 July 2009

We have some progres.....well a little bit anyway.

God my progres is utter embarassing, but I keep posting up pics regardless. This time we have some 50% done scouts, you might expect more progres during my vacation. But no such luck, I have tons of work left on my master thesis and trying to get in a research program. One day I'll win that jackpot and tell the whole world to go and leave me alone for a few months while I pump out some armies.

But back to the scouts and their minor adjustments. You probably noticed it already, those aren't the standard, fat scout heads. Never liked to heads, so instead I've gone through the bits box and found exactly 10 different bare heads that work with the scout bodies. Half of them also have rebreathers, so the grim Relictor-feel is well represented. With a bit of luck I'll managed to get them done by the end of the week. May have an hour or two tonight, is so the leather areas will get some TLC. Maybe the metallics as well, just maybe or course.....

Click picture to make it bigger and get some more details:


  1. Love it, more Battle Brothers... keep the Relictors coming Hephesto!
    As for the jackpot win - get in line my friend, me first!

  2. I'm staying the course, no other projects (unless Relictor related or single painting contest minis) until I get the minimal stuff I wanted to to for them done. So next army around Christmas 2015 ;-)