Saturday, 18 July 2009

Some new Star Wars minis for my collection

I've recently acquired a new bunch of SW minis through Ebay seller The Troll and Toad Store. I an greatly recommend these guys, despite FedEx messing up twice and sending the package around the world twice they stil helped me out perfectly!

Time to move on to the goodies, first up some Imperial reinforcements in the shape of snowtroopers, sandtroopers and Thrawn:

Naturally the Rebel Alliance gets some new recruits as well:

The Clone Army also get some extra Mon Calamari allies (and yes it is a trap ):

Next up we have some Seperatists, including Grievous and bodyguard:

And then we come to the Fringe minis with first the Ewoks:

Some extra mercs and critters to join Jabba's court:

Some Cloud City themed stuff (and yes those are 2 different Landos and Lobots):

And finally two more Black Sun minis, including the new Xizor:

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