Sunday, 25 September 2011

Vespid Stingwings Commission - part 5

Time for some actual miniature work again, back to the Vespids to be more specific! Managed to find some hobby time today which was used to undercoat the Vespids I've been converting for my buddy Marticus.

I decided I might as well start with the more difficult to reach areas, so eyes and crystals first. Unfortunately ye olde camera's batteries weren't very cooperative, so for today there will only be pics of the weapon/base-crystals. Given that the Vespids themselves will get shadow grey skintone and grey armour with green markings it seemed like a good idea to sneak a warm tone in there somewhere.

So purple it is, naturally with a couple of nice highlights, a few washes of red ink to give the crystals a nice warm, almost bourdeaux feel and a little orange mixed with purple on the sharpest of edges. Which, with a little bit of effort, gives the following effect:

And that does it for this weekend's update, this coming week I hope to get an extra update or two on the Vespids as well as a Chaos Lord conversion for my Skyrar's Dark Wolves. Have a good one everybody!

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