Tuesday, 27 September 2011

More Dreadfleet info from Games Workshop

Games Workshop has just posted another blog entry focused on Dreadfleet's gamesystem, specifically looking into the game's Fatecard element and another one of the ships. By the look of things the Fatecards are meant to add some variability and thus replayability to the game. All the provided info in a nice, little list:

- At the start of each Action Phase each Fleet draws a single fate card;
- The game has 40 Fatecards;
- There are several types of Fatecards, including environmental cards that stay in play (which seem to be many weather effects);
- Other effects include reduced visibility (which affects ranged combat) and carnivarous beasties that will eat anything ship staying still for too long;
- Some Fatecards remain in play and need to be resolved each turn, while others directly influence the windgauge making for quite a few hectic moments if you ask me;
- Red Fatecards have a lasting effect that needs to be resolve in the Status phase
- There are also 3 sea monster Fatecards, these summon nasty beasts from the depth of the Galleon's Graveyard;
- These monsters usually attack the nearest ship, though the Dreadfleet player has a distinct advantage with Noctilus' ability to control these creatures;
- There are also Spell cards that give specific (magic) powers or bonusses to a ship, some of these spells and bonusses are focused on specific ships.

There's still not a lot of info on the amount of impact theses cards will have on the game in its entirety. It would stand to reason that for smaller, early campaign games, only a limited set of cards, or at least excluding useless ship specific cards will be used. I defitinitely do wonder how this full pack of random effects will influence the later scenarios. Randomness certainly adds to replayability, but I also want to be able to have a fair chance at winning a game based on skill, rather than just lucky or unlucky dice rolls or pulls of random effects.

And then we have the preview of the ethereal Shadewraith, which is a painting challenge I am certainly looking forward to!

The ghostly colourscheme rather reminds me of the army/riders of the dead from Games Workshop's LotR range. Rather fine minis, with a colourscheme I've always rather liked.

In all honesty I am mostly awed by the painting of the excellent sea bases that accompany each and every ship in the box. It's going to take a lot of work to even get anywhere near the standard of the promo pictures and realistically speaking it may be better, especially when used on a regular basis, to keep the sides of the bases plain black. Think I may need to grab my tube of wall filler, create a few sea-themed bases and see if I can get some nice effects going.

In all honesty I'm getting rather excited about this release, though to be fair this is mostly due to knowing it will arrive in about 1,5 weeks at no cost. Were I in the position of still doubting rather to get it or not I'm certain the lack of coherent gamesystem info would still be irking me to no end.

Still, for the time being, it seems like a most interesting approach to a spin-off game. The next update on this should be mid next week when the box arrives and a full unpacking will be in order. Though if GW posts more info on the game or ships I'm certain I'll find the time for some more musings on WHFB's newest push into naval warfare!

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