Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Vespid Stingwings Commission - part 4

Pffff man, talk about a busy week and a half. I haven't had any hobby time in well over a week, so a nice, little update is long overdue I'd say!

So let's start off with the Vespids, the build of the first group is pretty much done. Still need to fill two gaps on the Strain Leader, but both me and the client/friend are quite happy with the results so far. It may take an insane amount of cutting, filling and drilling, but the added dynamic feel and variaty to the minis' poses are well worth it.

I would like to add though that the Strain Leader's head has been corrected since these pictures were taken. Introspectively gazing into a tiny crystal was a nice idea on paper, but looks silly when be finally joined the rest of his squad. But finding out what does and doesn't work, theme or design wise, is one of the cooler part of the hobby.

And while we have a nice, handy mini and normal base here for scale comparisson I might as well post up a picture of a rather excellent mini that arrived on my doorstep today:

This cute, little guy is the Armoured Bear mount for Ramshackle Games' (link) Major Ursa character and when I saw that bear I just knew I had to get me one as well. In fact, I've already cut up my planned Chaos Lord to be usable both on foot and mounted. An armoured bear, at least in my view, just makes for the perfect daemonic mount of a Skyrar's Dark Wolves leader!

And that does it for this update, happy wargaming and building everybody!

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