Monday, 8 August 2011

The lure of Slaanesh - part 1

Time for a little update on my current and as always, slow progressing project. A Slaanesh-themed team for Killzone using the following miniatures:
- 4 Chaos Marines (1 with Medipack)
- 2 Raptors (1 with Flamer)
- 2 Noise Marines with Sonic Blasters
- 1 Summoned Daemon - she's been nicknamed the Siren by a friend
- 1 Chaos Terminator with Lightning Claws (Team Leader)

The actual team has changed significantly since I wrote the first list, as soon as I started putting together some minis the Teminator leader and Summoned Daemon magically happend and just had to be included in there.

The colourscheme is something special as well with a split yellow and purple-scheme, which has originally painted up for a project way back in the day on Heresy Online. This particular colourscheme wasn't chosen for that project, but it has stayed in the back of my head and now I finally found an excuse to put it to use.

So keep an eye out for more updates on this project later this coming week, including a quick and easy guide for using modelling putty to make some flora to add to your bases.

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