Monday, 14 February 2011

The week in review - 7-13 februari

It is good to be back home and back at work, both actual work and hobby-related stuff. So what has been going this last week, well mostly small stuff.

1. Though progres has been painstakingly slow, I'm finally getting somewhere with Lorr and his Arbites allies. In fact, by next weekend I hope to have finished the build on the first two Arbites squad, while getting started on the three and final squad.

2. Then of course there's the Vile-Tis flesh eater, which is going to keep me busy during most of my free time this week:

While I'm not going with the non-metallic metal thing, both out of inability and not being too fond of the look, I do rather like the blue and red combo on the cloths and armour. May have to give that a try myself, more updates on this guys coming tuesday and thursday.

C. Books, books, books....

I have quite a bit of travelling to do this coming week, so I do hope to get some extra reading time in to get through Badab War, part II and get the Horus Heresy series started again as well. Might as well do something useful during those train rides, right!

And that rounds up another week of wargaming activities, thanks for reading everybody and go and have yourselves a great new week!

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