Saturday, 19 February 2011

Back to the drawing board....yet again

As most of you will probably know the Grey Knights codex is nearly upon us and the rumors (and leaked codex) are all over the place. On the one hand I'm really looking forward this codex, at the same time it does no bode well for my mini Gideon Lorr army:
- Nothing but Grey Knight-options for Troop Choices.
- Coteaz can fix this, however he's a pretty powerful psyker....doesn't really fit with Lorr now does it!
- Even after fixing this, there is no chance to get the signature weapon of Lorr's men in there anywhere - the shotgun.

So I'm afraid I'm going to have to switch armybooks and give the Imperial Guard list a shot for this one. Made it pretty far, though not without comprising here and there:
- The combat servitor now serves as a count-as veteran-sergeant who replaced his laspistol with a powerfist (still need to work on the fluff behind it as this is hardly a conventional choice for an officer).
- The Iron Maiden is out I'm afraid, there's nothing in the IG codex I can use it for. But no worries, she's bound to pop up in a future Kill-Zone team.
- Finally I'm utterly suprized at how much stuff one can squeeze into an IG list, even when working at 500 points I can get 31 infantry, 1 transport and 1 walker in there......having never atcually experimented with this codex I was almost shocked.

On to the actual list:

Lord Commisar (Gideon Lorr)
+ Carapace Armour
+ Power Weapon
= 90

Veterans (Arbites response team - lasguns & dog-teams)
+ Grenadiers
+ 2 Plasmaguns
= 120

Veterans (half Arbites and half Lorr's retinue, all have Shotguns instead of lasguns)
+ Grenadiers
+ Powerfist
+ Grenade Launcher
= 120

= 35

Penal Legion (surviving troops, Arbites and civilians)
= 80

Sentinel (Arbites Crowd control unit)

Total = 500 points

There might be a few option shifts and tweaks, but I think this is as close as I'm going to get. I intend to make the final decisions on this list tomorrow and the, finally move on to getting them all build and painted. Although the shift of armylist does mean I'll need to order a Chimera, which should be fun as I've never actually build one. And, if I dare say it, they may even be able to put up a decent fight in a 500 points game! More updates coming soon, including some new painted minis and objective markers.


  1. For the chimera I would go with a Rhino Repressor. Same size as the chimera, but will be a much better fit 'model wise' with the rest of your force.

    The list looks solid as I know you are going for fluffy fit and not as much 'play' list.

    Sounds like a fun little force to put together!

  2. Sheer brilliance there Tallarn! Forge World's version will give me plenty of inspiration:

    Heck I may even kick 10 points out somewhere just to be able to add a dozeblade!