Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Unfinished projects - part II

It has been a week since my last post and, sadly, my progres has been slow. Nonetheless there is a little bit of new stuff and I've been able to ward off the temptations offered by new projects and other unfinished stuff. So not all is lost in the land of wee, plastic and metal men just yet!
And I have to say it was borderline again as I dove into the Witch Hunter adversaries rules. Before I knew it I already had a test mini in my hands and was writing a 500 points counterlist for Lorr's boys. It took quite a tad of focus to get away from the cool rules and modeling opportunities. And I may very well end up doing some heretechs eventually, but not just yet....

So back to business, first off the Adeptus are now udnercoated and ready for paint. The more interesting news is the newest squad though. As I've explained before Inquisitor Lorr is joined by a righthand-man and three different themed Stormtroopers squads. I already have an Afriel Strain squad, the Adeptus are underway and the last bunch will be some Skitarii Hypaspists

Inspired by another conversion (link) and my love for the Krieg miniature line (link) I've started the last squad. By simply cutting of the top of the helmets and sculpting some hoods you get a bunch of very effective and quite creepy-looking tech miniatures.
Naturally I did end up with some extra bits and bobs I want to add to the army, though it will be utterly related as they will be five Objective markers. As per the rules I'll need 2 + D3 markers, so five will be made in total:

1. Xenos rogue psyker, Lorr despises psykers so he needs a big, scary thing to focus on. For this I plan to use an old half-finished sculpt, which clearly still needs a ton of work:

He'll be swimming in a techtube, though I will need a new one as the current tube isn't exactly all that seethrough at the moment. Ah well, I'm sure I have something useful in my bitsbox somewhere.
2. A wanted mutant, insane preacher or something (Adeptus Arbites-themed objective).
3. Genotech stash (Afriel Strain-themed objective)
4. Some kind of tech stash (Skitarii-themed objective).
5. Imperial Cult shrine, nice, simple and effective.

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