Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Way too many unfinished projects......

So I've been cleaning out my apartment, and boy, oh boy do I have a ton of unfinished hobby projects. Over the years I've hauled together enough stuff to build several armies, but timewise I never seem to get around to anything above squad-sided stuff. In time I may even have to sell, trade or give away some of this surplus stuff. There simply comes a moment when too much is too much, though I haven't quit reached that point just yet. For the moment though I feel I really need to focus what little time I have on some specific things so I can get those crossed off my 'to do'-list.

And I might as well get started on one of the smaller projects, my mini Witch Hunter force. With just 500 points and 36 models it should be a realistic goal. In fact, 11 minis are already done and 14 others are ready for painting and basing. In order to get the ball rolling I spent a few hours this evening, basing and undercoating 11 rather special miniatures. Trust me it takes quite a bit of time to make enough green stuff vines and little leaves to create the overrun urban theme I have going for this force:
You're looking at a combination of Pig Iron System Trooper bodies (link), Elysian respirator heads (link) and a few purity seals. Together these form my attempt at some cool Adeptus Arbites, which will count as Stormtroopers with shotguns. The guy in the front will end up on the large base with the dogs on it. Sure, putting an Elite Inquisitor on a large base may be a disadvantage but I just have to get those dogs in there!


  1. Hey Heph, that Dog looks like Lockjaw from Marvel Comics, you should put a tuning fork on his forehead.

  2. Laz buddy, has been way too long. How are things?

    He does look a lot like Lockjaw, I may actually end up putting a little tuning fork on him.....love wacky stuff like this! At the very least he'll be referred to as Sparky from now one ;-)