Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Slaaneshi Kill Team, part 2

Work is slowly progressing on the Slaanesh-themed warband (see this post for more detailed info). Chief amongst them is the solid core of the ever reliable CSM, all of which are adaptations of a bunch of minis I converted, but never finished a couple of years ago. So some dusting, cutting, sanding and a head replacement and these guys are almost ready for paint:

Secondly I have a shot of what has become my favorite mini of the bunch so far, a sonic blaster totting Noise Marine. He originally started out even bigger and with more and bigger speakers, which was extremely over the top (to the point of being utterly ridiculous). So he has been toned down a tad, leading to the current characterful mini, with a weapon that took quite a bit of experimentation. Half my bitsbox passed through my hands, right now I think it includes the following bits:
- heavily cut up IG flamer
- chaos vehicle gargolye
- IG voxcaster antenna
- CSM backpack exhaust
- plastic rod

And finally there's the early wip on the Raptor with Doom Siren, who will be modeled to look like he's pushing off from something. I'm rather pleased I finally get to use that old Chaos Raptor head for something interest:

And that does it for this update, more stuff coming in a couple of days! By that time I should be done with the build for the Raptor and hope to have a Daemon testfitting as well.


  1. I reposted something about this on my blog, just FYI. Too cool not to!

  2. Excellent, thanks Ark. The more exposure the rules update gets the better!