Monday, 7 June 2010

Dusting off my paintbrushes!

And I'm finally back to my beloved, dusty miniatures. I simply cleared my entire schedule since saturday afternoon and buckled down on an old, unfinished miniature for a painting challenge. I know, I know, this guys won't fit into any of my already unfinished armies, but he had been staring at me for months now!

Not my best paintjob ever, but he was an enjoyable figure to paint nonetheless. This guys was originally intended to serve as a vanilla CSM champion with the Mark Slaanesh, though I never got any forther then the original testmini.

Now the keen-eyed among you may notice the champ is a different shade of purple compared to the original testmini on the left in the pictures. For some very odd reason and despite following my notes concerning the original colourscheme to the letter, he turned out a touch darker than his predecessor. Not even sure why, but I rather like that he's a tad different, kind of fits with the expressiveness of Slaanesh.

I know I will regret these words, but I am contemplating expanding on these guys with another 5-6 minis. So of you may have heard of the Astro Mag and the cool Kill-Team rules that could be found in them. Now the guy behind the original ruleset is working on updating them (give feedback here) and I can't wait to have an excuse just to build some mini, very thematic forces.

But enough about the servants of the Dark Prince, this blog is about to get a ton more attention. This will include the following topics:
- finally finishing my DIY thunderfire cannon for my Relictors
- my first ever attempt at making some decent snow bases
- two Relictor objective markers
- more news from around the blogs, including the alternative manufacturers list I have been working on for a while

So thanks for reading and happy gaming, building and painting to you all!


  1. Well i think there cool and a kill team of them would look even cooler. I'm intrested in this alt manufacturers list to see if there's any new ones ive not found yet.

  2. @ Blitzspear - thanks, they will be getting some company very soon!

    The list will be coming somewhere around the weekend, need to do some cleaning and updating first.