Saturday, 15 May 2010

And good day everybody, has been a bit since my last update. Unfortunately I've been forced to hit the book and the office pc hard, been burning the midnight oil for 3 weeks now. Still there is light at the end of the tunnel, the lecture year is nearly at an end, with just 3 more weeks to go. After that I only have a couple of hours of work a week and can finally spend some TLC with those big piles of halfbuild and unpainted minis. So please hang in there for a bit longer, new and exciting minis are on the way!

In addition some of you may have noticed that the Forge World site (link) is once more not safe for SM, Tau and Ork fans with some extra cash left. The release of the new Imperial Armour book brings with it some very cool Orkish stuff and upgrade kits for one of my favorite SM chapters - the Raven Guard. And I for one am certainly extremely tempted by the new Shadow Captain Korvedea miniature:

Looks like I'll be adding an extra mini to my to do list. I'm not even going to bothet with converting him, he's just perfect (save for the poor pinning on the hammerhead to the shaft).

Not all that convinced with the normal upgrade kit though, 16 pounds is quite a bit just for enough bits to convert 5 minis. Though all those icons, raven skulls and very nifty beaky helmets do look fantastic:

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