Tuesday, 16 February 2010

WH combat servitor pip

Allow me to start by saying that I hate my lighting and crappy camera, I really need to get both of these sorted one of these days. No point in nagging about, so let's move on to a quick pic of the 'lil' fellah I'm using as my combat servitor. Who needs a powerfist when you have a nice executioner-style choppy thing, massive muscles and enough cybernetics to make Arnold jealous, right!

The pic really doesn't show the depth and transition between areas, but it will have to do for now I'm afraid. Here are the steps I went through so far on the skin:
- Chaos Black undercoat
- Dwarf Flesh basecoat, followed by a second layer of 75/25 Dwarf Flesh and Skull White (while avoiding the recesses for a more natural colour transition in subsequent layers).
- After this a tiny bit more Skull White and some Rotting Flesh were added to the mix and 2-3 highlights followed.
- After this several glazes using the new GW inks were added (just brown ink), as well as a few ones using purple drawing ink. Trust me on this, purple ink when used in moderation and only in the deepest recesses can really make flesh pop.

So next I need to sort out some of the tricky bits and bobs before any other major area can get attention, there are just a few tricky cables on him. Once that is done I can get started on the cloth areas, main metallic segments and a few extra skin glazes.

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