Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Some progres on the Brood Lord

First off, thanks for the comments on the tutorials guys! I hope to do quite a few more over the coming months, about time I started making this blog more useful for others!

Right, so I'm slowly slaving away on my Brood Lord a painting challenge. One more day should do the trick, in the mean time here's small tutorial of how I do my carapace. Not the best pics in the world. but they'll do till I can get some better lighting and a better model to demonstrate it on!

Starting from a Chaos Black undercoat:

1. Give the carapace a rough drybrush with snakebits leather, trying to keep all brush strokes going into the same direction (helps for the overall, alien shell-effect). No problem if this looks rough, just try to avoid getting thick paint coverage. It is actually good if things look stripy, it will be fixed by the later layers and will help give the carapace some a more organic (and unique) feeling.

2. Highlight the carapace with Bleached Bone, just mildly though.

3. Give the whole carepace a nice going over with the new Devlan Mud wash. Most brown inks will give you a quite similar effect.

4. Let the wash dry and then follow up with a light, wet drybrush of Goblin Green. Again try to make certain that you do not get thick coverag, which when using water + Goblin Green, is luckily an easy thing to achieve.

5. Give this layer another, very, very thin highlight of Bleach Bone on the most razed edges.

6. Give the entire carapace a wash of green ink (I use Pergamano tinta drawing inks for this, but GW's stuff is good as well), followed by another thin wash of Devlan Mud once the green ink has dried. Which, once all dried will give you the following, organic effect:

I should note that this effect looks best on the larger, layered carapace found on gaunts and most monstrous creatures. Genestealer armour is just a tad different and less structured to 'flow' towards the creatures' back. It still works quite well on Stealers though, just takes a bit more work to get it to work right.

And, since I found a little something leftover from new years, another belated happy 2010 to everybody.

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