Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Some blog exposure and the finished Brood Lord

Well I went to check out the new blog updates from around blogspot today and to my amazement I found my own, little blog in Ryan's tuesday top 10 over at From the Warp as well as getting an honourable mention over at Dark Future Gaming. I feel utterly flattered to have been mentioned in both blogs, very happy that my little tutorials and blog might be off some help to my fellow wargaming enthousiasts!

While we're at it, here are the other excellent links from Ryan's top 10
1. We have a tutorial on making a different kind of lightning claw from Svartmetall.
2. Rusty Dice has some spiffy looking Feral Servitors.
3. Drathemere has painted up one of the new plastic Trygons, and it looks good.
4. LittleBoyBlue is showing off his display board here...
5. ...and then shows us a Nurgle Soul Grinder here...
6. ...and finishes off with a tips on weathering using sponges.
7. Here are some nice looking Crimson Fist bikers from Kit.
8. Oni has come up with a way of putting tactical badges on the top of a Rhino without using the paintbrush.

Next up I have some pics of the finished Brood Lord. Not the best light pictures ever I'm afraid, my camera skills are mediocre at best and my camera archaic at the least.

First up two shots of the Brood Lord, please do ignore the shine. Nice matty in real life.

And here are some detail shots:

And just because I can:
I'll be adding a little tutorial on how to make the ichor as well somewhere this weekend or early next week. Need to get some fresh materials first. In the meantime I can get cracking on my FW Trygon, time is running out fast. There is some good news though, one of my work appointments for next week just got cancelled. So, unless something new pops up, I'll have a full extra afternoon of free time to spend on the beast.

Next I'd like to have a quick peek at my current projects, or perhaps I should say growing list of unfinished projects. Over the years I have acquired, and abandonned, a broad range of armies, minis and wacky armylists. Recently I have found though that I is perhaps better if I try and aim for small, fun and very themed armies. So let's have a look at the current workload:
- Relictors - love these guys and will be getting back to them soon, about halfway done (2000 points)
- Tyranid - one of my favorite kind of minis to paint, never-ending expansion and conversion fest
- Skyrar's Dark Wolves - mini CSM project, should come together quite fast. 9 minis left to build and then I can get to painting them all (1000 points).
- Blogspot project (more on this below)

The wishlist and updatelists are much longer though
- Kroot mercs, good Catachans, Vraks Militia, Vostroyan First Born, Xenos Mercenary army etc...
- Update my VC, Iron Warriors, Tyranids, Mordheim warbands, Warmaster mini etc.

It can be a huge challenge to stay focused, GW constantly dumping cool, new kit out in the world shouldn't help much either. What has really helped me has been the monthly oath system, which several fellow hobbyist and me are partaking in over at astronomican forums. For each month we give a list of things we plan to do the coming month, usually starting small and expanding once we're done. No real rewards or consequences for not making it, but the interaction with fellow gamers does rather help to keep one's eye on the ball. Currently I'm spreading out my 'work load' over my major projects, by trying to do a little for each every month. So for januari I have the following painted (to start with, hopefully):
- paint the Brood Lord (done!)
- do the rough basing on all my Dark Wolf mini
- paint the Trygon (preferably before the 16th)

I also hope to be able to add the following:
- paint 1 Relictor mini, probably a thunderfire cannon servitor
- touch up my Afriel Strain troopers:

Which brings me to the final point of this update, adding something special just for this Blog. Given that I'm also active on forums there's naturally a bit of a tendency to include the stuff I do for that in this blog. But I figure it will be fun to do a little something special just for the blog, so I'm making a very small, very themed and entirely converted 500 points 40K force which will only be featured on here (until I finish it entirely). More news on this as soon as I get a package with some missing bits and bobs.

Fine, I'll give an utterly confuzing hint to finish off this post - 'There will be nothing but (partially) obscured faces.'

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