Saturday, 9 January 2010

News from around the blogs - Nauticans army list

Good day fellow miniature gaming fanatics. As I said in one of my earlier post I'm trying to make this blog about more than just my own hobby antics and ramblings. So, here's the first post in the 'News from around the Blogs' series in which I'll be highlighting news, interesting guides and just really cool blogs from around the web/blogspot as I come across them.

First up is some great news that will be of interest to the WHFB fans out there. Sigmar and co have been slaving away on their unofficial Nauticans armylist for a long time and the newest version is now up in pdf form, so go check it out and leave some feedback on his blog. Edit - better make that their forum thread as the comments have been temporarily turned off.


  1. Thanks very much for the plug GEPLAATST.

    Can people leave any feedback on the forum please (the blog comments have been switched off for now)

    Nautican Project thread (in Battle Reporter forum)

    We can better discuss things in the forum.

    Thanks again GEPLAATST,

  2. My pleasure and I added the link to the post!