Thursday, 17 December 2009

The weather outside is frightful.......

Well it is that time of year again, the weather is all over the place, no chance of any real snow, overly sweet gluhwein everywhere, socks and underwear as gifts and crappy new years bonus gifts from the boss will all be passing by again. It seems like it is up to us, miniature wargamers, to bring some grimdark into the picture.

Naturally I'm only kidding, the holidays are quite fun. It does feel rather forced and annoying at times though. But at those times I praise my laptop (and modern technology in general) which enabled me to get away from the mandatory family dinners every now and then and have some fun online. So over the coming 2+ weeks I'll be updating my blog a bit, both with some new minis, some old stuff, some articles and downloads (and about time too!) and perhaps even a general visual overhaul.

First up will be some new conversions for the Dark Wolves, as per the Astro december vow I need to convert a full squad of Chaos Marines as well as the Lord over the next week or so. Should be easy enough, though the lord is starting to take a ton of time. We're looking at 25-30+ bits when he's all done, pics coming soon.

Secondly there's one of the minis that has gotten away from me - my FW Malanthrope. An absolutely awesome miniature that has spent months and months on a shelf collecting dust, which is a true shame. So he's been cleaned off, undercoated and I'm about 1/3 into the paintjob. Sadly I've run out off my old ink, so I'm now forced to work with either GW washes or watered down paint washed. Not quite sure I'm happy with it just yet, but a mix of Chaos Black, Scorched Brown, water, a wet palette and multiple thin layers of Blood Red seem to be doing the trick. Insane as it may be, I'm only using the Malanthrope as a testpiece for the real mini that I plan to paint over chrismas / new year - FW Trygon. I'll never forgive myself if I don't get it painted before GW releases the plastic kit, besides this is another minis that has been collecting dust for over a year now.

Finally I'll need to make a selection of the new stuff I'll be pre-ordering for my Nids. So far I only have the pics and the various rumor threads on the web to go by. Here are the plans so far:
- the codex (well d'uh)
- 1 box of Gargoyles to replace the highly unstable, old ones (which frees up 16 pewter bodies and sets of wings for conversion purposes!)
- 1+ Hive Guard - seem quite useful and the minis is great
- 1 Pyrovore - rules seem a bit wonky right now, but the mini is ace (lovely mini Exocrine)
- 1 Venomthrope - purely based on looks and because I feel it will make for a good painting challenge
- Rogue Trader book - been wanting to get this for quite some time now

Well that is it for now,


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  1. I'm pretty tempted with the new plastic goodies in the Tyranid range, however... I hope this won't interfere with the Relictor goodness. I've pinched your idea for using Chaos Heads for my latest Assault Squad. They look badass.